2016 Prep Enrolments Accepted Now

A school tour can be arranged by contacting the school by email or phone.

See this website for contact details.



Our school is again participating in the Earn and Learn Program, so if you, your friends or family are shopping at any Woolworths store please request a sticker/s for any purchase of $10 or more, and send it/them to school. The more we collect the more equipment we can redeem for our students use.


Father’s Day Stall

To be held on Thursday, 20th August. $4.00 per item.


West Gippsland Division Athletics

will be held on Thursday, 10th September

We have 18 students eligible to compete against other schools in the West Gippsland Division Athletics in individual events, the 4 x 100m relay teams or both.

We wish our team members well, knowing they will represent us proudly.