Kids Matter

Kids Matter at Drouin South Primary School.

At Drouin South Primary School, a team of Kids are helping children make better decisions at school.

Kids Matter is a program that teaches children and teachers how to solve problems in a positive way. Our team do plays to show how to act when we are witnessing or doing the wrong thing. In that situation there is a bully (who is being mean to the victim), the victim (who is getting bullied), a bystander (who is standing there watching), and an upstander (in some cases tells the teacher, stops the fight or solves the problem). Our team awards an ‘Upstander of the Week’ each week.

We talk about filling each others’ emotional buckets by doing positive things together and emptying others buckets by making negative choices. We each carry an invisible bucket. If you are bullied your invisible bucket is being emptied and when you are happy your invisible bucket is FULL. Some people may think you can dip into another persons bucket but it is wrong to empty other buckets.

Our school is a better place with Kids Matter.